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Mother's Day Gift Set


The utimate present to pamper Mum on Mother's Day!  Each handcrafted item in this set is elegantly crafted and embodies the narrative of love, food, and family. 

A fantastic Mother's Day gift for a mum who loves good food as much as you. 

What's in the Mother's Day Gift Set:

Yo Mama's Original Pasta Sauce
Can you think of anything more "on-point" than this handcrafted pasta sauce as a Mother's Day gift? Yo Mama's tomato pasta sauce is 100% natural and cooked in small-batches with that special care and attention that our mamas put into every meal. Inspired by Nonna's legendary Italian recipe, the sauce is crafted from garden fresh ingredients. Indulge in this masterpiece which contains no added sugar, GMO's, preservatives, or gluten. The pasta sauce is also vegan and Keto-certified.

We Love You Original Korean BBQ Bulgogi Sauce & Marinade
The name says it all - Show how much you love your Mum by hosting a delicious Korean Barbecue at home with We Love You. This Korean BBQ marinade is handcrafted from a family recipe. The Korean Bulgogi sauce can act as a marinade, or a as a delicious dipping sauce. All-natural, vegan and gluten-free! Taste the love with every bite.

Fly By Jing Sichuan Chilli Crisp
Every mum should have a versatile, cult-favourite chilli crisp in her pantry. Fly By Jing is spicy, umami and tingly - the ultimate condiment to put on everything! This Sichuan chilli crisp will make your food taste bolder and the world around you seem a little bit brighter.

El Pato Hot Tomato Sauce (Cooking Salsa)
This spicy tomato cooking salsa has been a staple in American kitchens for over 110 years - making it a must-have for your mum. EL Pato Hot Tomato Salsa serves as a versatile base for any red sauce, elevating even your favorite pasta dishes with an extra kick of flavor. With its myriad uses, from enhancing enchiladas and tacos to complementing chips and various meat or fish dishes, this hot tomato sauce is an essential addition to any culinary repertoire.

Siesta Co. Spanish Tinned Mackerel
Because your Mum deserves a siesta... Siesta Co’s tinned mackerel; harvested from the waters of Galicia and hand-tinned using centuries-old traditions, bring the essence of holiday to your table. Upon opening each can, you’ll marvel at the fleshy mackerel swimming in organic extra virgin olive oil. They don’t make canned food like this anymore…

McClure's Bread & Butter Pickles
The perfect everyday pickle accompaniment. You get a little bit of sweet, a little bit of savoury and a whole lot of flavour! These Bread & Butter Pickles are the perfect burger pickle, or as a side to ymum's favourite grilled dish.