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Spanish Tinned Seafood

Looking to buy craft Spanish tinned seafood in Australia?

Enjoy a piece of Spain in Australia with Siesta Co's canned seafood, wild caught from Galicia, Spain, packed in organic extra virgin olive oil. 

Taste the quality of Spanish seafood such as Spanish mussels, Spanish mackerel and Spanish sardines, sustainably caught and hand packed using centuries old traditions in Galicia, Spain.

These Spanish conservas are an ode to the fisheries in Spain and their methods for capturing and maintaining the catch at peak freshness. Siesta Co Spanish canned seafood is a tinned time capsule of unparalleled flavor and nutrients.

Shop Siesta Co Spanish tinned seafood (Conservas) in Australia from Product Distribution, Australia's leading distributor of handcrafted foods from around the world.

For Siesta Co wholesale and stockist enquiries in Australia, get in touch with Product Distribution today!