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Lillie's Q Products Australia

Liven up your next barbeque with tastes straight from the heart of Southern USA. Made with all-natural ingredients from a recipe passed down by Grandma Lillie, Lillie’s Q sauces offer traditional tangy flavours — with a modern kick so good it’s going to forever change the way you barbeque.

The perfect mix of tangy and sweet, with surprising hints of flavour like apple, lime and lemon, Lillie’s Q BBQ sauces allow you to enjoy authentic Southern flavours in a whole new way.

Try the bold, mustard-based Gold BBQ sauce, traditional Smokey BBQ sauce (also available in Hot Smokey for all the brave grillers out there), mouth-puckeringly tangy Carolina BBQ sauce or Lillie’s unique Ivory BBQ Sauce for an unforgettable taste. And of course, don’t forget Lillie’s Q dry rubs and seasonings for a BBQ experience that will blow your mind.

Whether you’re rubbing down a brisket, making homemade potato salad or saucing up your fries, Lillie’s Q BBQ sauces are the only way to go.

As the number one Lillie’s Q Australia distributor, our team at Production Distribution is proud to provide you with authentic, award-winning tastes from across the sea. Try our Lillie’s Q Australia line today — trust us, your tastebuds will thank you.