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Authentic Mexican Food in Australia

Product Distribution is proud to introduce delicious and authentic Mexican food to Australian homes and businesses with popular brands such as Gran Luchito and El Pato

Gran Luchito is made in Mexico and using completely natural ingredients, bringing a fantastic array of Mexican flavours to the Australian food scene. With authentic Mexican flavours and colourful packaging, Gran Luchito will bring a smile to everyone's faces. Make easy and delicious tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, chilli, Mexican stews and more with Gran Luchito.

El Pato brand was founded by Walker Foods in America. The famous Hot Tomato Sauce with the Duck on the yellow can has been used in USA kitchens for over 100 years. Now, it is available to Australian kitchens too along with their jalapeno wheels and hot yellow chilli peppers for retail and the food service trade. Made with the finest ingredients, their pickled peppers and jalapenos are crunchy with a fresh taste - unlike anything else you will find in regular Australian supermarkets.

We also have an award-winning smoky chipotle hot sauce by Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce that will go well with tacos and Mexican rice. Dick's "No Name" Chipotle Hot sauce is smoky with a hint of cocoa and coffee combined with fruity pineapple and aromatics like onion, garlic and ginger for a symphony of contrasting flavors. A brilliant hot sauce for Mexican food and more.

Love Mexican Adobo? Holy Smoke has introduced a hand-blended spice rub to cook fragrant Mexican Adobo chicken, that is also perfect on tacos, sprinkled on corn cobs, in meatloafs and as a dry rub for chicken wings.

Are you a foodie or a food business in Australia searching for new flavours to tingle your tastebuds? You'll find what you want here at Product Distribution, the number one importer and distributor of specialty foods and handcrafted Mexican food products in Australia.

Shop authentic Mexican food in Australia from our online store and have your food products delivered straight to your door. 

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