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Noble Handcrafted Syrups & Vinegars Australia

Product Distribution is proud to introduce two new delicious, time-tested American classics: Noble Handcrafted maple syrup and vinegar! Sourced from Mikuni Wild Harvest, which sells unique, handcrafted items to professional chefs and not-so-professional food lovers throughout the states, our line of Noble Handcrafted products are exactly what your kitchen has been waiting for.

The current line is made up of two maple syrups and three kinds of vinegar, each one a different experience.

Use Tonic 01 – a delicious and complex pure Noble maple syrup aged in oak bourbon barrels – or Tonic 02 – a delicate and aromatic blend of maple syrup infused with Tahitian vanilla and Egyptian chamomile – for everything from drizzling over ice cream to sweetening cocktails.

Tonic 03 is a delectable and versatile maple matured sherry bourbon vinegar with just the right acidity and tang to add depth to any dish. And as for Tonic 04, this light and bright oak-aged vinegar is made with organic lemons, perfect for adding a zesty touch to your next dish.

Whether you’re already a fan of Noble maple syrup or just searching for new tastes to tingle your tastebuds, you’ll find what you want here at Product Distribution, the number one importer and distributor of handcrafted North American products in Australia. Contact us if you have any questions at all and we’ll be happy to help.