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Tiger Buck Beef Jerky

For Tiger Buck Jerky, the name of the game is great flavours, great ingredients and a great look. And, wow do they hit the mark on all three!

Say goodbye to highly processed and mass-produced snacks – Tiger Buck uses only fresh and responsibly sourced Australian beef, a secret signature marinade and lots of air drying to create a delicious, gluten-free and protein-rich product. With no artificial colours, fillers, flavours or MSG, Tiger Buck Beef Jerky is one snack that you can enjoy guilt-free anywhere, anytime.

Made right here in Australia from a sustainably-minded company, Tiger Buck Beef Jerky is the perfect solution for snacking on the go. Our 40g single serving sizes are ideal for every situation, and we offer wholesale options as well for retailers and food service shops looking to expand their range with an eye-catching, mouth-watering product.

Whether you’re looking for unique, North American flavours to add to your repertoire or you’re searching for the best place to purchase beef jerky online in Australia, our team at Product Distribution can help. As the exclusive importer of handcrafted foods across the seas, we have access to unique, delicious products that you’ll love. Shop our range today or get in touch to learn more.