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Siesta Co. Spanish Tinned Seafood in Australia

Enjoy a piece of Spain with Siesta Co 's hand packed tinned seafood from Spain! Genuine, hearty, high-quality, responsibly caught, and sustainably farmed canned seafood products from the old world for a modern lifestyle. These gourmet canned Spanish delicacies by Siesta Co. is to be shared and enjoyed mindfully; Come take a Siesta!

Searching for quality Spanish tinned seafood in Australia? 

We’ve got you covered! As your number one Siesta Co. Australia distributor, our team at Production Distribution is committed to providing you with the international, handcrafted foods you love. Purchase your Spanish conservastoday or browse our range of imported snacks, sauces, syrups, seasonings and more to introduce your palette to the best the world has to offer.