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Gran Luchito: Authentic Mexican Food in Australia

Craving some authentic Mexican flavours? Now you can enjoy the genuine taste of Mexico even in Australia, thanks to our selection of Gran Luchito sauces and salsas! 

Whether you’re whipping up a quick quesadilla for one or planning a family-friendly fiesta feast, prepare to send your tastebuds on a wild ride with Gran Luchito’s line of high-quality, delicious pantry staples. 

Create a culinary work of art with our range of mouthwatering Gran Luchito salsas and sauces. Add vibrant, flavourful new tastes to your dish with popular favourites such as Gran Luchito Enchilada Cooking Sauce or Tomatillo Salsa. Looking for something that will bring the heat? You’ll love the smoky warmth of Gran Luchito’s Chipotle Chilli Paste or Habanero Salsa, each one guaranteed to give your dish an unforgettable kick.

Serve your new favourite sauces alongside some Gran Luchito chips or try them out in your favourite Mexican-inspired recipe – Gran Luchito tacos or vegetarian burritos, anyone? – for an instant dinner win.

Here at Product Distribution, we’re proud to help Gran Luchito provide flavourful, fresh and authentic Mexican products to kitchens around the world. Shop our range of Gran Luchito products today or browse our site to find new tastes to fall in love with.