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Celebrating the traditions and crafts of gourmet poducers from around the world.
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McClure's Pickles

Lillie's Q

Fly By Jing

Holy Smoke BBQ

Gran Luchito

El Pato

Franklin Barbecue

Brussels Ketjep (COMING SOON)

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Small Axe Peppers

Zab's Hot Sauce

Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce

Yo Mama's Foods

Noble Handcrafted

UP UP Chocolate

Siesta Co.

Espinaler (COMING SOON)

We Love You

Tiger Buck Jerky

Brooklyn Delhi


At Product Distribution, we've curated a variety of natural and specialty food products to meet the growing trends in Australia, including food categories such as Barbecue, Mexican, Asian, Spanish, and more. From pickles and peppers to barbecue rubs, hot sauces, chilli pastes, maple syrups, and chocolates, our curated collection of quality handcrafted foods aims to inspire and delight Australian palates for years to come.

Our products can be purchased directly from our online Shop.

Product Distribution is also the exclusive distributor of these unique brands in Australia. Our innovative food products are available for Wholesale or Food Service across Australia.

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