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Holy Smoke BBQ

Are you looking for the best BBQ rubs with a difference? Taste and smell the wild Medditerranean landscapes with Holy Smoke BBQ  award-winning rubs blended in Greece!

Holy Some BBQ is used by professional pit masters and home cooks alike!
Holy Smoke BBQ rubs and blends are all hand-made in small batches and freshly grinded or flaked from whole spices and chilies. Holy Smoke BBQ products transport the flavour of real American BBQ directly to your home.

These handcrafted rubs & seasonings are hand-blended and take the passion and heat of small growers around the world into your outdoor kitchen.

Great flavours start with perfect sourcing. The goal of Holy Smoke BBQ is to source ingredients from prestigious growers to make the most perfect rubs that will enhance briskets, ribs or sausages. It’s not just for the good taste, but the actual composition of these BBQ rubs that makes the big difference! These rubs will also tenderize your meat and make it juicier with unique ingredients and how the spices were combined.

AAA quality is what you taste and smell with Holy Smoke BBQ Rubs.