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Dirty Dick’s

Made in true Caribbean style, Dirty Dick’s hot sauces bring the heat with a tropical twist. Their bold combination of habaneros and fruits have won them countless awards and their hot sauce range is considered one of the best in the world. Great slathered on BBQ meats, dolloped on your nachos or splashed in a Bloody Mary, these Dirty Dick’s hot sauces are nothing short of versatile.

For a classic hot sauce with a sweet kick, the original Dirty Dick’s hot sauce is made with habaneros, tropical fruits and a mix of freshly ground spices sourced from around the world. If you’re looking to venture into new terrain, The Peachy Green Hot Pepper Sauce is one-of-a-kind with notes of peach and vanilla. And for those looking for a creamier kick, Dick’s Caribbean Dreams Hot Pepper Sauce is mustard-based and delicious slathered on your cheeseburger.

Direct from the USA, Product Distribution offers the best range of hot sauces on the market delivered to your door. Turn up the heat and the flavour of your meals and shop Dirty Dick’s hot sauces today.