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Italian Pasta and Sauces

Looking for delicious vegan and plant-based pasta in Australia? 

Lazy Food has made plant-based Italian food east and delicious with their one-pot pasta meals. Choose from vegan Sicilian Ragu pasta, Brocolli, Garlic & Oil rigatoni pasta and Peas & Potatoes pasta shells. All these classic Italian recipes are plant-based and thoughtfully curated by Chef Gaetano - making healthy eating delicious, affordable and fun! 

Thanks to Chef Gaetano’s plant-based recipes, all his pasta creations have no GMOs, preservatives, and hard to pronounce ingredients; making it possible to support you on your health journey!

These instant pastas only take about 12 minutes to cook and all you need is a pot and water. 

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Yo Mama's pasta sauces were lovingly made in small batches with only the freshest ingredients, using nonna's legendary traditional recipes. Yo Mama's pasta sauces are Keto-friendly and Paleo certified and vegan. The natural pasta sauces stem from a passion and tenderness that was cultivated in our own Mama's kitchens.

Devoted to making better foods and bringing people together, Yo Mama’s strive to touch hearts with delicious natural Italian pasta recipes and are passionate about building communities through a delicious offering of fun and innovative products that make everyone feel right at home. Yo Mama’s bring everyone back to their roots through healthy and delicious foods. 

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Product Distribution is an Australian specialty food distributor with a difference. Our team at Production Distribution is proud to provide you with authentic, plant-based, vegan and natural award-winning tastes from all over the world. Try our pastas and pasta sauces today! Shop our Italian pasta collection online or contact us for Wholesale enquiries in Australia.