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I'm Too Hot For You

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A bold collection featuring our spiciest condiments, perfect for those who like it hot. The Texas is Small Axe Pepper’s hottest sauce to date. Fly By Jing’s Xtra Spicy packs 3X the heat of the original Sichuan chilli crisp. Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce will take you to hot and exotic places. And Gran Luchito Salsa Macha is wonderfully nutty as it is spicy.

1 x Small Axe Peppers The Texas Hot Sauce 140g
1 x Fly By Jing Xtra Spicy Sichuan Chili Crisp 170g
1 x Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce with a Tropical Twist 147ml
1 x Gran Luchito Salsa Macha 100g