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Siesta Co. Mussels In Organic Extra Virgin Pickled Olive Oil 113g

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All natural, canned Spanish mussels harvested from the Rías Baixas in Galicia, Spain.
Every piece of mussel has been carefully selected and hand-tinned in “escabeche" sauce - a delicious marinade made with organic extra virgin organic olive oil, vinegar, paprika and sea salt. The result of pickling the mussels in this sauce is a rich and vibrant flavour that is filled with beneficial nutrients like iron, omega 3 and protein.
These iconic Spanish mussels are a guilt free Spanish Tapa that is perfect for any occasion. Enjoy Siesta Co. canned food on it's own or with some warm bread to mop up all the sauce!
Key Features

All Natural
Hand Packed
High in Omega 3, Iron & Protein


Ingredients: Organic Spanish mussels, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic vinegar, organic paprika, sea salt