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Gran Luchito Fajita & Taco Mix Trio Pack


Enjoy three unique flavours of authentic Mexican seasoning blended with native Mexican chillies: Ancho, Chipotle & Guajillo. Why buy individual spices when you can enjoy perfectly balanced Mexican flavours in a convenient jar? This trio of spice blends is perfect for seasoning taco and fajita fillings, but it's also versatile enough to use as a barbecue rub, roast or salsa seasoning, and even on hot chips or popcorn.

100% Natural and Hand-blended in Mexico using only the highest quality ingredients. Perfect for adding authentic Mexican flavour to dishes.

Gran Luchito Guajillo Fajita & Taco Mix 45g

A well-balanced Mexican blend of garlic & Mexican Guajillo chillies. Guajillo, pronounced “gwah-hee-yoh”, is the dried form of the Mirasol chilli and is the second most commonly used chilli in Mexican cuisine after Ancho chillies. Guajillo chillies have a medium heat with a sweet, tangy, and smoky flavour profile. A delicious way to instantly add some heat and garlicky flavour to your fajitas and tacos.

Gran Luchito Chipotle Fajita & Taco Mix 30g

A smoky blend of chipotle chillies, spices & herbs. This Taco mix is perfect for instantly adding a smoky depth of flavour to your favourite meat and veggies for the grill, oven or barbecue.  Chipotle, pronounced “chuh·powt·lay”, is the dried and smoked form of red jalapeño peppers. Chipotle’s signature flavour is smoky and our chipotle seasoning blend is beautifully balanced with Mexican spices including oregano and coriander.

Gran Luchito Ancho BBQ Fajita & Taco Mix 52g

A mild Mexican spice blend of smoky Ancho chillies, paprika and Mexican herbs. This Taco Mix is perfect for those who prefer their Mexican food full of flavour but not spice. Ancho means “wide” in Spanish referring to the fact that ancho chillies are the dried form of the nearly ripe large poblano pepper which has a red hue. Ancho chillies are one of the most frequently used chillies in Mexican cuisine and with their distinctively smoky yet mild flavour are very versatile.

Key Features

All Natural
No Added Sugar
Dairy Free
Low Sodium
No Preservatives
No Artificial Colours
No Artificial Flavours