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Maple beyond dessert: Glaze with maple syrup this winter

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As it gets colder, time spent in a warm kitchen just makes sense. We love trawling American food magazines for their holiday favourites, which pretty much means cooking Christmas food in July. 

Maple Syrup is a recurring theme for a festive touch. Its complex sweetness makes dishes like roasted carrots more intriguing. 

Try brushing roasting vegetables with maple syrup 10 minutes before they are ready to come out of the oven. Sweet potato, beetroot, potato, pumpkin and onions all work wonderfully, too. 

Not to mention pork! Slathering rashes of bacon with maple syrup before and after grilling (and serving Canadian style for breakfast, with pancakes or French toast) is a no brainer. 

For a midwinter feast, though, this Saveur recipe for a glazed ham is the perfect centrepiece. (Note 300 degrees Fahrenheit is 148 degrees Celsius). The recipe combines mustard with maple for sharpness among the salty meat and nutty-sweet flavours of the syrup, and pairs well with potato gratin and crunchy greens.

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