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The Product Distribution Burger

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The team at Product Distribution have tasked me to put together a series of recipes showcasing some of the amazing products they import and distribute across Australia. Those that follow me know that I love my burgers. I thought what better way to kick us off than with a burger that aims to showcase as many of their products as possible.

We managed to combine a number of the Lillies Q range of sauces, the infamous Hardcore Carnivore Black, McClures Sweet n Spicy Pickles (AKA best pickles ever) and the luxurious Noble Matured Maple Syrup.

For those that are used to my recipes you’ll know that I keep the instructions fairly loose, as no one follows recipes anyway, right?

The Product Distribution Burger is comprised of three main elements that I would like to bring to your attention though - the burger sauce, maple bacon and a Hardcore burger patty.

The Burger Patty

To get started we of course need the perfect burger patty.  I have written at length about the perfect patty here

This particular patty was 180gm of Gusface mince, seasoned with Hardcore Carnivore Black then reverse seared on the Weber kettle.  You can find out more on the reverse sear technique here

I smoked the patty with cherry wood to 135f internal temperature then a quick sear over charcoal for that delicious Maillard reaction.

Hardcore Carnivore Black is made with the reverse sear in mind - traditionally a lot of steaks, but on burgers it shines like onyx, elevating the humble patty to the next level.

You could also grill your patty if you are not familiar with the reverse sear, it will still be delicious I promise.

Burger Sauce

Behind every great burger is an even greater sauce. With a veritable harem of sauces at my disposal I made the ultimate condiment cocktail.


Combine all ingredients until mixed through.


This combination has the three elements I look for in every burger sauce - creamy, tangy and sweet.

Maple Bacon

Just when you thought we weren’t getting decadent enough, I thought I would up the ante with the timeless marriage of salty and sweet: maple bacon.

Get streaky bacon rashers and coat liberally with Noble Maple Syrup.  Put in your smoker or oven at around 250f (120c) until the first coating has set.  Apply further coatings as required, for this recipe I did two.

The Burger

Hopefully I don’t need to tell you how to construct a burger! From this point we enter "choose your own adventure territory", just make sure you don’t forget the pickles.

I opted for McClure's Sweet n Spicy pickles, white salad onion (people say they’re not a raw onion person but trust me on this), tomato, lettuce on a brioche bun.

Keep some napkins handy because this bitch is moist.



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