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Gochujang Hot Sauce: The Korean flavour bomb explained

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Gochujang is a traditional chilli sauce that’s just getting hotter and we’ll share why. 

It is made using a base of fermented hot peppers and glutinous rice, and a bit of garlic, which makes for a spicy, pungent and very slightly sweet sauce that seems to enhance all other flavours. 

The fermentation brings the complex savoury favour that is found in miso or anchovy, which is almost meaty. 

Traditionally incorporated into sauces for Korean dishes like bimimbap, we’re increasingly seeing Gochujang used to doctor up Western favourites like fried chicken and burgers.

Intense applied in its entirety, Gochujang is best cut with something. We like working We Rub You Gochujang through mayo or sesame oil, adding a velvety smooth element to the funky goodness. 

Read more about how chefs are interpreting Gochujang on Bon Appetit’s article (here)

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