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Lillie's Q : Ivory Smoked Chicken

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1 x Lillie’s Q Ivory Barbeque Sauce 482g
1 x Lillie's Q Brisket Pepper 92g
1 x Lillie's Q Q-Rub 224g

All you need for a delicious and simple smoked meat dish. Perfect for smoked chicken, duck and spatchcocks.
Sprinkle Lillies Q-Rub and Brisket Pepper all over meat 15 minutes prior to smoking.
Drizzle with Lillies Q Ivory mayonaise based barbecue sauce when ready to serve. 

Lillie's Q-Rub 224g
This all-purpose, salt-based rub with a dash of black pepper and garlic will add new life to all your favourite beef, pork, chicken and turkey dishes. Best of all, Q-Rub works its magic in 15 minutes or less. Just sprinkle it on, light those coals, and start grilling. 

Lillie's Q Brisket Pepper 92g
This Brisket Pepper is specially ground to create the perfect bark for briskets and other smoked meats. It's been specially ground so there is no need to rub it into the meat, just generously sprinkle over at least 15 minutes before cooking. 

Lillie’s Q Ivory Barbeque Sauce 482g
For Lillie’s Q Ivory Barbeque Sauce Grandma Lillie adds a pinch of Cajun spice to this traditional Southern sauce, which is made on a mayonnaise base.  Ivory Barbeque Sauce is delicious when showered over smoked poultry and french fries or through a slaw. Use it as a dressing on your homemade coleslaw or potato salad – the way it’s used at Lillie’s Q or make it your own. It's so versatile!

All Natural 
All Natural
No Preservatives
No Artificial Colours
No Artificial Flavours
No High Fructose Corn Syrup 

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