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A Cajun Life

The Cajun Life story starts in the heart of Cajun country, Eunice, Louisiana. It's founders, a husband and wife team, never lost the craving for true authentic Cajun food. After sharing their recipes with friends, they were encouraged to bring Cajun products to a broader audience. That’s when A Cajun Life was born.

Built around food, family, and friends, they started as a little part-time food cart in Damascus Oregon and grew to 4 restaurant locations before deciding to focus on growing our packaged goods line.  Today, they are a company with a vision of bringing great tasting authentic Cajun food and lifestyle products to homes all across the globe.

Blended and packaged in Louisiana, they were able to provide the authentic Cajun flavour most "Cajun" products are missing! Their products are as authentic as they come and most boast the Certified Cajun seal! It's a certification that only true Cajun products are rewarded. 

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