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We Rub You Complete Set

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Good Korean BBQ starts with a delicious marinade. 

Sisters Ann and Janet Chung love sharing a Korean meal with family and friends at home. It's what inspired them to start We Rub You. An affectionate play on words for ‘we love you’, We Rub You is what Ann and Janet’s parents used to say. We Rub You's sauces are made from their family recipes in small batches with all-natural, vegan ingredients. Made with love in the USA.

Original Korean Barbecue Marinade 426g

We Rub You's Original Korean BBQ Sauce is made from their family recipe and combines the umami of Non-GMO & gluten-free soy sauce, the sweetness of apple, the nuttiness of sesame and the warmth and tang of garlic & ginger. Now you can make the ever popular bulgogi that kids and grown-ups go crazy over. Wrap bulgogi in a lettuce leaf (ssam), feed each other, and go ahead - eat with your hands! Use as cooking sauce, BBQ sauce or marinade. 

Spicy Korean Barbecue Marinade 426g

The spicy version of We Rub You's original and delicious Korean barbecue marinade- great on pork ribs, chicken wings, salmon - you name it! It's full of bold flavours and has the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Use as cooking sauce, BBQ sauce or marinade. 

Gochujang Korean Hot Sauce 426g

Gochujang is Korea's favourite condiment.  We Rub You's gluten free gochujang hot sauce highlights the ancient Korean fermented red chilli pepper paste. It's popularly served alongside bibimbap (Korean rice bowls, often served in hot stone pots), but we like adding it to just about anything - stews, burgers, hot dogs - the list goes on! Use as cooking sauce or condiment.