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Walker Foods

Since the 1920s the El Pato brand of Mexican food items has been a staple in homes all around the world. Walker Foods brings a collection of sauces, chili peppers, jalapenos, and mustards to the Product Distribution catalogue and it's easy to see how these long-standing, tasty products have quickly become a crowd favourite. As the first company in the world to can Mexican sauces, Walker Foods has been an icon in global condiment distribution for over 100 years, continuously delivering superior quality in each and every one of their El Pato products.

As a section of the Walker Foods brand, Golden State mustards, jalapeno wheels and yellow chilies have become a well-known staple in the food service industry. Walker Foods has certainly known their share of firsts throughout their long and successful history, and the El Pato and Golden State brands both remain as household names in the American food industry today. Satiate your cravings for the finest Mexican sauces on the market with Walker Foods and enjoy the extra bit of kick you get from every single mouthful.