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Spicy Food Lover

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If you love spicy food then this bundle is for you! It has abit of everything that will definitely spice things up in your pantry.

Every purchase of the Spicy Food Lover bundle will include a free Dirty Dick's shirt until stock runs out.

El Pato Hot Tomato Sauce 220g

A delicious spicy tomato sauce in a can with endless uses. Serves well as an enchilada topper, a spicy pasta sauce, salsa dip, spicy pizza base and so much more. So much better than other canned tomato sauces in the supermarkets.

Code 3 Spices' Backdraft Rub 155g

Made for the BBQ lover who wants a little more spice. This rub has a lot of heat, but won't ruin the classic barbeque flavour. You still get all the great taste of the rub with a nice burn at the end.

Dick's Caribbean Dreams Hot Pepper Sauce 175ml

Something different for hot sauce lovers! A Barbados style, mustard based hot sauce with fruit flavor brightness created by Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce. Strong heat from habanero peppers balanced with apple cider vinegar, honey and fresh ground spices. This hot sauce will help bring an amazing island flavour to your dishes. Pair with beans and rice, shrimp, pork, chicken, potato gems, or even your favourite cheeseburger.

El Pato Hot Sauce 355g

A classic cantina-style hot sauce that is spicier than it’s jalapeño counterpart. This hot sauce is for those seeking a bit more heat, and a traditional, brined hot sauce. You can use El Pato Hot Sauce for everything! Pour this hot sauce over eggs, burgers, hot dogs, chips or tacos for a kick. 

We Rub You Gochujang Korean Hot Sauce 426g

Gochujang is Korea's favourite condiment. We Rub You's gluten free gochujang hot sauce highlights the ancient Korean fermented red chilli pepper paste. It's popularly served alongside bibimbap (Korean rice bowls, often served in hot stone pots), but we like adding it to just about anything - stews, stir fries, burgers, hot dogs , brisket- the list goes on! Use as cooking sauce or condiment. Made in small batches with all-natural, vegan ingredients. 

McClure's Spicy Whole Pickles 907g

McClure's Spicy Whole Pickles are intermingled with cayenne and habanero peppers, these pickles have a kick. Use these Spicy Whole Pickles to spice up any ploughman’s lunch, cheese board or burger, or garnish your favourite Bloody Mary with these whole pickles.

Dirty Dick's Shirt (While stock last)

Every purchase of the Spicy Food Lover Bundle will include a free Dirty Dick's shirt until stock runs out.